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Party Animals is a smart indie/action-based game developed by Recreate Games, where you can fulfill your eternal dream – feel what it's like to become an animal. Not just any animal, but a kitten, puppy, or any other fluffy pet to complete quests, customize your look, and compete with friends. Play Party Animals alone or with other real-time players and plunge into a world of low-key entertainment. 

Party Animals Game: Steam & Stress Relief

Simple yet neat, you can download Party Animals from Steam’s official website with decent system requirements. You need at least an i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 10 GB of free disc space to play Party Animals for PC. Although Win 7 and 8 are still an option, it’s recommended to use Win 10 for better compatibility. Besides, Party Animals PC is quite flexible on the requirements, so you can adjust the settings to a level where you feel comfortable playing and experiencing the world of fluff. 

Party Animals Gameplay & Setting

Despite the childishness it gives off, the Party Animals full game is an inclusive space without age limitations. First, you choose an avatar you like the best. Whether it’s a cocky gray cat, a goofy crocodile, or a dinosaur, you make your character the way you want. 

After everything is set, Party Animals free modes allow you to get together with friends and have fun. You can engage in both a solo mode and multiplayer. The former has a linear plot, where you have to solve fun puzzles, pick up items, and interact with the environment a lot. Meanwhile, the latter is all about competing, winning prizes, and wreaking havoc.

Party Animals Visuals & Playability

Of course, the graphics here depend on your hardware capacity. However, regardless of what settings you choose, it’s still as vibrant, fresh, and entertaining. Although the camera is third-person only, you get a full perspective on a location and what’s waiting for you round the bend. The avatars are intentionally wobbly and hard to control, which is so much fun, especially in the fight mode. Also, the environment is extremely interactable and filled with puzzles, jumps, and kicks you didn’t know you needed.

Party Animals Free Game Is Not a Time-Killer

Even though you can acquire only Party Animals Demo yet, you can already use most of the in-game features. Finally, I have to admit that the Party Animals game takes you back to the careless days of Tom the Cat, i.e., simple, fun, and involving.


Do you still have some questions about the Party Animals download or gameplay? Take a look here!

  • What is Party Animals?
    Party Animals is an indie/action game where you get to play as a fluffy animal and interact with friends in the gameplay. Download Party Animals, play it online, and fluff-up!
  • Can you play Party Animals Xbox One?
    The game has been released only as a PC demo; however, the developers promise to move it to consoles. So, Party Animals Xbox may soon be available. 
  • Is there a full version of the game?
    No, the developers have only released a Demo available on Steam. Soon, they promise to release the full game, as well as Party Animals PS4 and other console versions.